Stop and Stare

23rd March 2010. I got my license. I am now a licensed aircraft maintenance engineer. Single trade. X-Electrical. M3412.

That’s my license number. Amongst us engineers, we call it, our ‘M’ number. No you can’t forge it, you can’t use it to buy things, you can’t use it to tackle girls (unless they understand what it is :P), you can’t use it for access to restricted zones BUT it is respected, appreciated by aviation maintenance personnel, the unsung heroes of the aviation industry. The general public only see pilots and stewards/stewardesses. Engineers? Mechanics? Who? Well, in simpler terms, we make the aircraft airworthy. Only when we say it can fly, then only can it fly. But why is it appreciated? Again, frankly speaking, any guy/girl with the license has been proven as competent, technically savvy and trusted to maintain any Malaysian registered aircraft by the Malaysian Department of Civil Aviation. You gotta have a heart of steel to endure all the processes involved. Hati mau kental!

When I first received the license, there was no ceremony, nothing. Just a “Dik, here’s your license, tahniah (congratulation)!” . My heart was in disbelief. I took the envelope and checked every detail numerous times. I was smiling, and I could feel the tears, almost coming out but ,”No, no maintain your macho-ism”, I said to myself. The lady was smiling when she looked at me. I just shrugged my shoulder and gave her a faint smile. Kunun takde apa, but I was crying inside man!

At first I was in a dilemma, what should I do? Where should I go? Some suggested MAS, Airasia, the typical suggestions. But I knew I wanted more. I wanted more for my family. If I were to go for the more ‘glamourous’ path, I would’ve picked MAS or Airasia easily. I’ve seen the effect of the power of branding first hand. “WAHH, you’re working in MAS???!! Must be raking in a lot of money man!!” Well I won’t go too deep into that.

So I posted my resume to various places, more than 4-5 companies. 2 called me for an interview. Long story short, I rejected one and I accepted one. A rotorcraft company in Miri. They won the contract to be the main transporter for Shell and Petronas Oil and Gas offshore workers and now they are expanding. Ya Allah, I have no idea how to better put my feelings into interesting sentences! Bah, sorry dear readers, enjoy this half-baked cake >.< .


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