Inspiration! Come forth before I smite thee!

A cup of white coffee+crushed hazel nuts. I can’t sleep till now. Look at my last post, June 2009. So many things happened, so many things learned. So big a gap. So what happened and what did I learn?

1) I learned that naivety is not a helping quality in approaching online persona(s). What happened killed off my mood and dumb-ed down my ability to imagine and spit out texts with meaningful interpretation. I admit, I was new and too hopeful. I can’t type down the specific details for my head will be haunted for weeks and my cheeks will blush uncontrollably.

2) That people are intrinsically good. They will answer any question that we ask. Even if the manner in which they answer will not be so pleasant. This was what my friend told me. I have yet to prove him wrong. I love this quality. He said why worry about the outcome. Just spout out your question and be ready to embrace the answer. The main thing that will influence the outcome is the environment within which the asked person was brought up, spend most of his time, and the ideals from prominent political/religious figures from the past and present.

3) That what you saw in pics on facebook profiles, friendster, etc did not necessarily depict the actual life that those people had gone through. They were filtered events. So you saw only smiles, positive aspirations, successes. Rarely the bitter stuffs. Why? Ego, Escapism. Earnest proposal of ‘I’m here at last!’. People like positive stuff, why bother putting up stuffs which radiate negativity. We confront it everyday. SO you are like me, I am like you. But my pictures have more smiles in them. That’s the idea.

4) Love love love. I can’t express my love towards my family, relatives directly. I don’t know. Probably the macho guy thing. But most of my actions reflect my love indirectly. I just read a very interesting blog by a beautiful, smart and bubbly (my inference) girl. How she expresses things amazes me. I couldn’t stop reading. Her writings were sincere, direct to the point and unpretentious. I really envy people who are capable of expressing their love face to face (especially amongst family members).

5) You decide your own fall. Self explanatory. Actually I’m too hungry to type. This philosophical indulgence sapped too much of my energy, and I still got half of a Maintenance Management and Organisation Exposition to go through for my exam on Thursday.Plus I’m trying to maintain a healthy diet, Q_Q …

Oh well, it’s good to be back. Hopefully I can write more after the exam.

Enjoy, video for tonight/today:


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