So what would you do?

Life is short. You came across a persona that you really liked. What would you do? Based on the latest book that I’ve read ‘The Law of Attraction’, you gotta stay positive if you want something. If a negative thought occurs, think of a counter thought, for example,”Damn, I don’t think I’ll pass the examination”, counterthought, “really? So what do you want actually? I want to pass. I’m in the process of passing.”. It’s quite hard to elaborate the concept in merely a few paragraphs or words. You gotta buy the book to understand the whole insight into this philosophy of manipulating the vibration of the universe.

A friend of mine suggested a book titled ‘La Tahzan’, it means ‘Don’t be sad’. It’s arabic but the content is in Malay. He said it is a very good book, he gave me a few pointers which sounded simple but due to the nature of the human to forget it was very enlightening.

‘There’s no use thinking about a problem, you can’t do anything thinking about problems and remember you always got Allah to turn to. In fact it is very bad for your body since your hormones will react to what you are feeling, so stay positive and stay inspired’. Just ask and ye shall receive.

This beautiful morning I had a chance to chat with my neighbour, an old chinese man who used to work on oil rigs in Terengganu. I was sweating and was just about to run inside after a heavy jogging session but I guess might as well use this chance to get to know him better

Neighbour: Tak kerja ke pagi ni (not working this morning)?

Me: Tak, semalam dah kerja, 2 hari kerja, 2 hari cuti (No, I’ve worked yesterday, 2 ONS and 2 OFFs).

Neighbour: Oh berapa jam kerja? (how many hours per day do you work?)

Me: Lebih kurang 11.5 jam (about 11.5 hours)

Neighbour: Saya dulu kerja 12 jam sehari, kerja carigali minyak di Terengganu. Tapi supervisor saya kerja 24 jam, pasal dia seorang saja. Dulu pelantar minyak cuma ada 2, masa tu tahun 1977. 2 minggu kerja, 2 minggu cuti. Kerja banyak, bahaya pulak tu, hampir semua tugas kena ada permit. (I used to work 12 hours per day, oil and gas industry in Terengganu, but my supervisor had to work for 24 hours because there was only 1 person assigned to that position. It was year 1977, there were only 2 offshore rigs. 2 weeks ON and 2 weeks OFF. It was hard work, hazardous, dangerous and for every task carried out, you had to ensure that a permit had been issued.)

Me: Tak bosan ke tauke? (Weren’t you bored back then?)

Neighbour: Tak, kerja banyak, saya kena buat paperwork, kerja machinist, electrical, instrumentation. Banyak betul kerja, memang penat. (Noooo, there were so many tasks to be done. I had to clear the paperwork, even machinist jobs, electrical, instrumentation. It was tiresome.)

Me: Wah, berapa lama you kerja? Gaji mesti ok kan? (Wow, how long did you work for? The salary must had been good right?)

Neighbour: Lebih kurang 23 tahun la. Gaji memang bagus, mereka ada bagi I rumah banglo, tapi besar sangat. Isteri saya balik Kuala Lumpur lepas sehari tinggal, macam rumah hantu! Sekarang I sudah takde hutang, zero commitment (dia tersengih), anak-anak pun sudah besar, seorang legal advisor di middle east, seorang engineer. I nak relaks saja. Kalau anak-anak kahwin, I nak diorang beli rumah sendiri dan pindah keluar. Saya punya tanggungjawab sudah habis. (About 23 years. Money was good. They even gave me a bungalow, but it was too big, like a haunted mansion. My wife went back to Kuala Lumpur after staying for only one night. Now I’m free from debts, zero commitment (he smiled), my kids all have grown up, one is a legal advisor in middle-east and the other is an engineer. I just want to relax. When they get married, I want them to get their own house and move out. My part has been done. )

Then we continued on chatting about how he hated using car to travel around K.L. He preferred the public transport. I understand, the traffic in K.L is a nightmare even on a good day. He kept on rambling about how he wished his other kid would work in Malaysia only and so on. My mind was attracted to the ‘free from debts’ part. I’m not sure why did he tell me about it. Prolly doing his job as a senior citizen to give encouragement to the younger ones. Well he sure did manage to boost my spirit up a little bit. We usually just say hi and that’s it. KL style.

Free from debts, free from debts, free from debts, free from debts…wow that’s like a super sweet sensation. I don’t know what is up. But lately, I’ve received encouragements mostly from non-Malay/Muslims. Life is so beautiful. Even Allah has said, the reason He created humans of different races is for us to understand each other and embrace each other’s differences. Thank you Allah.

To the people that I love, I dedicate this video to you. I will buy you a new life.

the original video embed feature has been disabled. The link is here . Guess this will do. Wonderful song from the 90s. I miss that era.


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