Spooked! :O

Alright, as a muslim, I believe in the unseen namely djins, satan, angels and the likes. This afternoon, (yes you read it right, AFTERNOON), I was doing a cabin walkaround check on a 747. The aircraft was parked at a remote bay. By remote, I mean the aircraft was parked away from the main terminal building or satellite. In the middle of nowhere right under the sun. There were only 2 people on board, me and an engineer doing stuffs in the cockpit. So I went down to the tarmac to grab my toolbox, and when I went up I did the required routines of a walkaround check. After activating the emergency lighting system, I went for another round.

As you may already know, a jumbo 747 is a double decked aircraft, and it’s kinda big. I didn’t feel anything creepy initially since it was steamingly hot in the cabin and the glare from the sun numbed my mind from thinking of anything fun. So upon returning to the switch, I heard a beeping sound. Only steam ovens make that kind of sounds. THere are like 5 galleys on a jumbo. The sound came from the first galley, in the business class. So I thought, “Eh did I turn something on? Did I leave the wine chiller on?” Then I saw it…..

The control panel of the steam oven was turning on and off by itself. I rushed to it and pressed it off, then I walked to the staircase leading to the upper deck and saw my engineer in the upper deck galley. Both of us were sweating and I asked him, ” What were you doing? Is there any central controller for these ovens??” . He was kinda stunned, “I heard the steam oven was turned on, but I didnt see you there so I went to check it out”. Then we wrapped everything up and left the aircraft.

“Don’t think so much about it, the switch might be screwed or something,” he said. “Yeah you’re probably right, could’ve been stray electricity”, I replied. Although my answer sounded abit stupid, we came up with various scientific explanation that could’ve caused it. One thing though, it’s a switch, which is activated by pressing or depressing (by an external factor for sure).  I can’t remember if the manufacturer incorporated any solenoids to auto-activate/deactivate the switches by itself….Like he said don’t think so much about it, but my adrenaline was pumping so fast, it was fear+excitement. I’m pretty damn sure that I’ve checked each galley to make sure that every electrical system has been turned off. Jangan biarkan hidup anda dihantui misteri………..

Oh k, lets forget that spooky experience, check this picture out. It’s a modern Mona Lisa in my opinion. Kate Winslet looks naturally hot. Simple and hot.


Good job TIME mag!

As for video of the day, here you go Street Spirit by Radiohead. My friend and I, (Atook keep on smashing!!) used to play guitar and sing along to this song. Good times indeed!


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