Boomerang and Didgeridoo

I knew about boomerangs when I was very very little. Thanks to cartoons. With the correct throwing technique, the boomerang can kill and I’m not sure whether this is true or not but it can return to the same spot from whence it was thrown. Interesting indeed. So I posted about impulsive behaviour before. What happened was I was on the ERL/KLIA transit to get home, and a chinese guy was sitting behind me with a boomerang wrapped in old newspaper. I knew it was a boomerang just by looking at the shape.

So when we arrived at Bandar Tasik Selatan, he asked me, “Is this the place for this ticket?” while showing me his ticket. “Yep, second last station, the next one will be KL Sentral”, I answered. While we were on the escalator I couldn’t resist, “You just got back from Australia yea?”. “How do you know”, he said smiling. I pointed at his boomerang, “No one could mistake that for anything else, it’s a boomerang isn’t it?”, that thing was huge, almost as tall as him. “How much did you pay for it” I asked. “Mmm about 2000 Malaysian Ringgit”, he hesitated but with a smile on his face he answered. Probably proud that he was able to spend that amount for that piece of wood. I’m jealous to be honest. My eyes widened when he mentioned the price. “Good stuff man, can’t get that anywhere else”, I want one!!!!!!! The conversation ended there as my mind flew off to Australia thinking of the things I want from the land down under. One day, ohhh dear license please come to me quickly!

A boomerang, a didgeridoo and …….dun dun dun dun are the australian things that I want.

What is a didgeridoo (did-je-ree-du)? Well it’s an aboriginal instrument able to produce a very interesting sound. I can imitate the sound hehe. Musical I am. Do you still remember the reality show called Survivor? The intro music used a couple of didgeridoos, awesome stuff.

Ahh yes, the video below demonstrates the awesomeness of the didgeridoo in the right hands. You rule Jono Callow! (the long blue thing that he’s blowing into is the didgeridoo)

Notice the unique sound…*sigh* one day…


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