Thoughtful wander…

It’s that morning again. Love-to-hate morning. A morning filled with so many aspirations which seemed so near and yet just out of grasp… I hate this kind of morning but I love it in a sense it renews my motivation to look forward to things that I will encounter in this mysteriously wonderful life.

As usual, making my trip home from work on the KLIA transit, looking at different people with faces interpretable into the day’s agenda. Grimacing, smiling, emotionless, sleepy, pretending to think about something, calculative eyes, murmuring something underneath their breath…life is so interesting. Studying people’s expressions filled my time along the journey while glancing at the passing scenery every once in a while when they caught my curious eyes. Well it took my mind off for a while away from uncertain things.
According to Benjamin Franklin, only 2 things which are certain in this life and they are Death and Taxes. Sigh, sometimes when you think too much, you’ll get lost in that huge sea of ideas that you’ll find yourself most of the time alone in facing these challenges. When that happens, usually feelings like impatience, anxious, nervous, gasping-for-air, frightened, helpless, hopeless will surface. Your hands feel like clawing for a rigid handle from which you hope will find renewed inspirations…

I’m thankful for being born a muslim…the belief that the Almighty, the Most Supreme is always there for you fills your heart with humility, and a sense of longing/loving and being loved. I still remember when I fell asleep with the television on, I was then awoken by the Kuliah Subuh on TV3. It was Dr. Mashitah and her first sentence that I recognized that morning etched itself into my brain; “Kalau kita sayang Allah, maka Allah akan sayang kita beribu-ribu kali ganda….”. My sleepiness went away in a jiffy, touched by the sentence, enlightened by the recognition of a watchful Power-that-be, hoping to be forever blessed.  Yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Mengasihani…

No wonder a lot of converts fell in love with Al-Fatihah, the very first surah of the Al-Quran. Even Al-Fatihah means ‘The Opener/Opening’. The surah puts you in your place, a servant ruled by The Lord Whom created the universe. He’s the only One.

Dengan Nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah Lagi Maha Mengasihani…

Segala puji-pujian bagi Allah, Tuhan yang memelihara dan mentadbirkan  sekalian alam

Yang Maha Pemurah Lagi Maha Mengasihani

Yang Menguasai pemerintahan Hari Pembalasan

Kepada Engkaulah sahajalah kami sembah dan kepada Engkau sahajalah kami memohon pertolongan

Tunjukkanlah kami jalan yang lurus

Yakni jalan mereka yang Engkau kurniakan nikmat, dan bukan jalan mereka yang telah Engkau murkai dan bukan pula jalan mereka yang sesat

*         *          *

Thank you Allah for I have found strength.


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