Lost in time….

This convo happened on Tuesday morning, 10th March 2009. After subuh prayer, I was putting on my safety boots.

Me: Eh Fadhil, hari ni hari Khamis kan?

Hey Fadhil, today is Thursday right?

Fadhil: Ko gila ke! Hari ni Selasa la…

(You’re krazie man! krazzzzie! Today is tuesday la) ok there’s a bit of exaggeration >_>

Me: Patutla time aku tengok kalendar nak cek waktu solat aku rasa cam pelik, aku ingatkan kompeni yang printout kalendar tu salah print!

(No wonder I felt weird when I was referring to a calendar to check the local prayer time and I thought the company must have misprinted or something)

Morale? Mmm I realised that I’ve been tracking the days based on my shift pattern. I even lost track of what day it was. 2 ON, and 2 OFF. That’s what working in shifts can do to you. Your body goes a bit haywire sometimes. With this mysterious pre-fever symptoms that have been bombarding me since the last few days, my mind is working under tremendous load. Luckily got my family nearby. They are the best when you whined about not feeling good. ❤

I know some of my friends are really jealous hehe, come on give me a break. I ‘ve been apart from them since I was 13 till I reached 17 (boarding school!), time to reclaim my lost family time 🙂 .

Music for today?

Edie Adam’s version of That’s All. A diva, a songbird, a fine lady.


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