Angels and Demons is coming to the cinema this May!!!


angelsanddemonsheroin50 even the official website is a work of a genius. Symmetrical words are eerie.

Crap, the posters for these videos requested for the embed feature to be disabled.

Oh yeah!!! This is one of the novels that kept me awake when I decided to go to bed. Seriously, there were parts of it that caused me to hyperventilate :O . Kudos to you Dan Brown!

Your favourite, witty, knowledgeable, awesome Robert Langdon is back. This time with a new equally knowledgeable, hot chick on his side. If you haven’t read the book, better go find one now. If you’re too lazy, here’s a quick synopsis, imagine in Vatican, there’s an IlluminatI agent initiating a plan to kill all the candidates for the next pope. Now Robert Langdon is racing against time to save all of them and also Vatican (somebody planted a super power explosive device!), he traces clues, ancient manuscripts, books, ledgers etc. The Illuminati vs The Vatican. Who shall win? Will he be able to save them all? Will the City burn into ashes??? Not gonna tell  you! The subtlety of how each clue presents itself is a work of a genius. Now anyone wanna join me this May? 😉 . Yes I am looking at you.

If this is not enough to entice you, remember the awesome soundtrack from the Da Vinci’s Code movie? Well you can expect the same awesomeness in terms of musical scores!

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2 Responses to “Angels and Demons is coming to the cinema this May!!!”

  1. Monstorous Cow Says:

    I thought all these years the only books that kept you awake were hustler and playboy magazines… oh well, its a ghreat book anyway… spoiler alert the bad guy is the one who can fly the helicopter hahaha

  2. anwar777 Says:


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