Sometimes in the midst of chasing our own dreams, we forgot about somethings.

So I was perusing through my albums, looking at my pictures when I was a toddler and it struck me. My mother never ever complained about the bad things that I did when I was that age. She dealt with all of my attitude, hissy fits with a smile on her face and a loving heart 😦 .
So on this serene subuh, I would like to dedicate this youtube video to her. Life is short, cherish each moment!

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2 Responses to “Sometimes in the midst of chasing our own dreams, we forgot about somethings.”

  1. Monstorous Cow Says:

    Yesss, totally agree with you, makes me remember that one picture of you wearing blue kain pelikat with that “somebody jab your ass with a flagpole” face at one time… lost that picture though dammit…

    all that studying make us forget all the happy moment in the past innit… with all that reponsibilities right now, man life sucks right now… if you think about it…

    so how about paintball?

  2. anwar777 Says:

    wahaha, that picture is/was crazy. I’m game when for any outdoor, tapi susahle, we work in different shifts.

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