Impulsive behaviour!

Have you ever acted based on feelings alone? Not calculating the steps and measures? Yeah I’ve done it before. Do I regret it? No, it’s life, the greatest mystery is yet to be explored. You can spend time charting your path for a greater chance of success or just rush head-on for that brief moment of exhilaration.

You may love the outcome or you may even despise it. So what are the things that I wanna do that I would try not to plan? Lol well, wishlist is different from a contemplated move. So here goes my list:

1) Form an acappella group. I can sing you know, I’m not the type that likes to go under the spotlight. I love singing for the sake of singing only. I’ve been in a lot of vocal related events during my school years. Not sure if I would have the courage to sing in public nowadays. So that’s a very interesting thought

2) Approach a girl that caught my eyes and see how it goes from there. I’ve only had the courage to approach a few, well maybe one (and it was online, so doesn’t count), so far and as of now, unsuccessful. Pity me. /hides in a dark corner. We’ll see, there’s a lot more women in this world. I read too much self-help books.

3) Buy a house at first sight. Of course this will require a super strong financial capability which I have yet to achieve. Just need to work harder.

4) Copy one of the scenes from ‘Yes Man’. The one when Jim Carrey and the heroin, picked a flight destination ‘randomly’. That was awesome! Not having any ideas about your next destination. Fun!

5) Travel from Johore to Kedah on a superbike. I haven’t got the bike yet. But this will be an interesting event.

6) Go to a barber and tell him fashion my hair according to what he thinks would best suit my face

7) Drive to some place which you are not familliar with and just keep on driving and stop near the first thing that caught your attention for more than 10 secs.

8) Just walk up to someone anywhere and strike up a conversation. Issues? Anything.

9) Hmmm no idea

Ok, so what’s the music for today?

The Atlanta Concert version of “This I Promise you”

They sound so beautiful in the waterworld. Enjoy!

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