Ahh a new place to blog, feels like a fresh breeze blowing through my windows. Yep I got a blog before, it’s on friendster, but it’s too boring. Not much you can do there.

Aight what am I gonna type about today, oh yeah, afew days ago I just had one of the worst days in my life. I was under constant tremendous pressure from the moment that I woke up till about 4 pm. Yep I remember the time hehe. To be exact, it was a Thursday, Department of Civil Aviation License Without Type Rating Examination, 9 am till 4 pm. It was indeed a grand occasion for me. 4 years of going through tonnes of books just to sit for 110 technical questions (multiple choice), 35 air legislation questions (multiple choice), and 8 essays….You know after the exam, I had mixed feelings. I felt relieved because at last I managed to make it to the exam and answer those questions but I am not confident that my answers were correct. They say the surveyors are really strict. “I dont like your answers, try again in 3 months….”

Enough with that, it created a reason to feel a little bit depressed lol…

Ahhh what’s next? Oh yeah I like to listen to mellow songs when I feel….mmm mellowish, not fully mellowed >_>.

So my favourite would be James Blunt’s You’re Beautiful and Goodbye My Lover. I happened to come across his live (a month ago) performance of these 2 songs on youtube (<3 ❤ youtube!!) and they have been bookmarked ever since. These songs are too beautiful that they hurt and his live performances are so sincere, so raw and so pure :*(. I used to hate his whiny voice but when I gave it a chance, I got hooked, his songs seemed to connect to me :/.So for your eyes and your mind, enjoy!!

These 2 videos are the best in my opinion that I could find on youtube. Most powerful part: when he seemed like he was trying to stop his tears from falling :*( or choking)…

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